Posted by Mary Persons Weaver on 5th Jul 2022

My Brother and the Moon

My brother Junie was such an influence in my life.When I found out I wasn’t going to be living with him forever I was devastated.He was the killer of snakes ~~ real and imagined.

For some reason when I was probably five or so and he was about 14, he put up with me wonderfully well. We played this frightening game of “Moon.”Of course, we could only play when the beams were coming in the window and landing on the bed.He’d know when…but I was oblivious and would be up in his room bothering him or just wanting to be where he was.

Then he’d suddenly turn out the lights by the switch and jump on his bed and somehow get the blanket all around himself and tucked in and then yell, “The moon will get you if it touches you!”I’d scream and try to get the blanket over me…it was so terrifying but so exciting!Mother and Daddy would always yell from downstairs to stop.Junie of course really got it for teasing me.I couldn’t touch the floor either.It was really torture!

Even now I’m uncomfortable if moonbeams touch my bed and if you come to my house you’ll see I have the window able to be covered on those nights when the beams try to get me!

Besides being the handsomest man, I have always loved my brother’s eyes because you could see through them from the side.