Posted by Mary Persons Weaver on 6th Jul 2022

My Brother and the Moon

My brother Junie was such an influence in my life.When I found out I wasn’t going to be living with him forever I was devastated.He was the killer of snakes ~~ real and imagined.For some reason when I …

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Posted by Great Aunt Bette on 6th Jul 2022

Two “Nutty” Aunts

This is a short essay on two great, great aunts of Hoytie Bangs, done by great Aunt Bette Hohe.Let’s write first of Connie Sundh Marshall, your great-grandmother Alice Sundh Persons’ sister.She is a c …

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Posted by Gracie Hamilton on 6th Jul 2022

A Soft Answer Turneth Away Wrath

When I turn back the pages of life to the time between 1898 and 1911, I see my paternal grandmother with a lingering smile, a grateful heart, and tears in my eyes.She was indeed the pivot of loving ki …

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17th Jun 2022

Land Further

Commercial Real Estate Industry, Meet the MetaverseVirtual Real Estate Frontier, Meet Architects, ‘Land’ Developers and High-Risk, High-Reward Markets An avatar with shops and arenas in the backgroun …

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